Assessing the feasibility of providing safe and affordable housing to more independent seniors in our community, building on the 30-year success of Ellwood House.

Project vision

Ellwood House (Ottawa) Inc. is a non-profit organization developed by and affiliated with the St. Thomas the Apostle Anglican Church and the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. St Thomas has a rich history of service to the community—developing and supporting services for seniors, children, and families in our community. The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa is working with several parishes to plan the best use of their land, creating multiple affordable housing projects that are now in varying stages. It is collaborating with Ellwood House and St. Thomas on this project. The project aims to continue the work of Ellwood House through the development of an extension to the current building on the St Thomas campus. The project’s vision is to increase Ellwood’s tenant community and to provide affordable housing to the ever-increasing number of seniors in Ottawa who need a stable home.

Our Site Plan Application is now available for viewing on the City’s website. There you will find a list of the initial studies and reports submitted to date, as well as a Send Feedback button. People’s comments and questions will be properly considered through the City’s structured application process, which has now started. Anyone who wishes to provide feedback should communicate with Kelby Lodoen Unseth, the City Planner responsible for this file (613-580-2424 ext.12852, or click the feedback button).

Further details (click on links below for documents)

  1. Briefer on Ellwood Extension project
  2. Backgrounder on affordable housing in Ottawa
  3. Ellwood House Extension Steering Committee
  4. Images of Ellwood House Extension
  5. Ellwood House Extension project timeline
  6. Community meeting via Zoom, October 21, 2021


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